A Little History

Our company has been building in the Carolina’s since 1997. In “97” we arrived in Charlotte and entered into a joint venture to ¬†form Keystone Builders of Charlotte specializing in affordable residential housing communities. In “2003” Charlotte Custom Builders, Inc., was created, specializing in building and renovating single family homes.

The company today is a product of over thirty five years of building experience. Our story started with founder John Marucci being born into the family homebuilding business, literally building homes with his hands under his fathers tutelage. The journey continued by gaining valuable knowledge working for large established home building companies. From there, the extensive experience lead to the creation of a company that has varied expertise in constructing new homes, renovating existing homes, as well as developing residential and muti-family neighborhoods.

Working with local Realtors, Architects, and Designers, we have formed strong relationships which keeps us informed as to current market trends. This gives us the knowledge and expertise to help our clients make those important decisions to make


Charlotte Custom Builders continues the pursuit of excellence through meticulous supervision and efficient management with a balance of innovative design and state-of-the-art technologies.